5 Advantages of automatic hand sanitiser dispenser

Automatic hand sanitiser dispenser

Automatic hand sanitiser dispensers have become increasingly commonplace, especially since the 2020 pandemic. Prior to this, hand sanitiser compartments were commonly set up in multiple public spots like work environments, malls, bistros and parks to help people keep themselves clean and germ free as much as possible. The popularity of these sanitisers increased when gel based variants came in, which do not require a constant stream of running water or a sink while effectively and rapidly eliminating any kind of microorganisms or germs in your hands.

This is why both the World Health Organisation and the CDC, tout the multiple benefits of hand sanitisers as an effective way to prevent the spread of germs and reduce infection rates.

However, with highly communicable diseases, the traditional hand sanitiser dispenser is not particularly conducive to reducing infection transmission. This is where automatic hand sanitiser dispensers come into play.

Here are a few advantages of automatic hand sanitiser dispensers.

1. Automation

The primary advantage of an automatic hand sanitiser dispenser is its ability to provide an experience that is truly touchless. With traditional hand sanitiser dispensers, you often have to press a button or a handle to facilitate the dispensing of the sanitiser. This can often become a problem due to the fact that the button itself becomes a hotbed of germs and microorganisms. However, with automatic hand sanitiser dispensers, you simply need to place your hand forward and the sanitiser is dispensed without having to come in contact with the entire machine. This makes it ideal in regions where highly communicable diseases can exist like hospitals and care centres.

2. Usage

Many people are not aware of how much sanitiser they exactly need. They often tend to pump the traditional machines up to five to six times just to be on the cautious side without realising that this added caution provides zero benefit. This leads to traditional hand sanitiser dispensers running out at a much faster rate. These problems are negated with an automatic hand sanitiser dispenser that is programmed to dispense a standard amount that is sufficient for the purposes of cleaning your hands.
Each time these machines only dispense the required amount, leading to a lesser amount of refuelling required for these machines.

3. Ease Of Access

Most hand sanitisers, that are traditional in nature are usually placed around the same place where they are most likely to be used. This is mainly because hand sanitisers are mostly commonly used in bathrooms. However, when you go with automatic hand sanitiser dispensers, there is a complete negation of requiring to touch the machine in order to get your sanitiser. This enables them to be easily placed in any areas at convenient spots where access is not an issue.

4. Ease Of Use 

Any appliance is determined as a feasible one based on its ease of use and automatic hand sanitiser dispensers are no different. There is virtually no complexity when it comes to operating an automatic hand sanitiser dispenser. You simply need to place your hands under the nozzle and you get the right amount dispensed every single time. Furthermore, any automatic hand sanitiser dispenser is extremely easy to install.

5. Convenience

Automatic hand sanitiser dispensers are as the name suggests, fully automatic. They require zero rigorous pumping and are extremely easy to use, even for a small child. The fact that they can be installed anywhere, means that you simply need to stick your hand out and you get the required amount without fail. Refilling the sanitisers is quite easy as well as you don’t need to take out the pump and the pipe and then continue with refuelling process. You simply need to open the hatch, fill the interior bottle, close the hatch, and you’re done.


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