Four ways to Maximise Your Brochure Holder

For a Melbourne shop owner setting up brochure holders can give your business a promotional advantage. These accessories are easy to use and place in a variety of scenarios. At Advertising Industries, we have been supplying brochure holders in Melbourne for nearly 50 years. In our many years of experience, we have discovered a few tips to help your business gain the most out of your “on the spot purchasing”.

  • Make sure your content is right for your audience.

This might be the most obvious but overlooked tip. The best brochure holder in Melbourne will not help if the advertisement displayed is not engaging for your visitors. Ensure that regardless of your visitor’s state of purchase, they take a pamphlet to remember you later and hopefully re-order!

  • Select to the best holder for your promotional material.

Once your content is the best it can be, you will need to determine the best brochure holder for your brochure. At Advertising Industries, we provide a broad range of displays, from single desk holders to a four-sided stand, we can suit all occasion or shop space.

  • Identify the ideal position for the holder.

There is no point having the best brochure holders in Melbourne if they do not hold a prominent position. We recommend paying attention to high traffic areas to draw attention to your leaflets. Customised designs could also complement them with your shop logo.

Advertising Industries also provides temporary brochure holders with wheels for regular moving or showcase displays.

  • Keep your advertising campaigns running 24/7.

Using outdoor brochure holders, you can still be advertising your business when you are not even there. Outdoor displays provide passing visitors a leaflet without entering the store. Advertising Industries supply rugged weatherproof holders which distribute your material at the same time keeping them safe from Melbourne’s wild weather!

Overall your promotional material should be presented in the best brochure holder in Melbourne. Your brochures are often the first impression visitors have of your business so it is important to get it right. At Advertising Industries, we have a broad range of products to meet your needs. Contact us today to discover our full range and customised designs tailored for your business.

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