How to Use Point-Of-Sale Displays

For anyone using any sort of visual merchandising, Point-of-Sale Displays can be a profitable technique. A POS display is one of the more typical visual merchandising tactics, targeting customers when they are at the checkout or purchasing point in your store. By advertising to these customers, it increases the chance of customers buying more, ultimately increasing your profit.

We can all recall a moment when, before paying at the supermarket, we grabbed a chocolate bar from the display next to the register. This is a perfect example of the effectiveness of well-designed POS displays.

So how do they work?

By targeting the customer, while they are in the buying state of mind, anything in a POS display has automatically passed the decision or deciding state of the buying process. For any sale item, this means instant access to a primed buyer, for marketing products it also increases the positive associations between your brochures and a satisfactory purchase.

What to choose as a POS display?

At Advertising Industries, we stock a range of different POS and brochure display holders for different businesses and display needs. Display holders can come in a range of styles with some of the lightest portable enough to be used on temporary stalls or display. Two of the most popular display styles are the single pocket stand and the rack brochure holders.

Single brochure holders are excellent for stores which wish to further their brand marketing with a takeaway brochure at the checkout or exit for customers to take with them. Brochure rack displays are also useful for promoting marketing material, however, these hold a variety of sizes and brochures kinds. They are also successfully used with portable show stalls at expos and networking events.

If you need a more self-supporting stand, our four-sided brochure stands are one of our larger popular models, easily manoeuvred around a store or expo stall.

With custom designs also available, contact us today to discover how we can meet all your POS and display needs.

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