Optimise Sales with Attractive Brochure Display Holders

It is really surprising what attractive brochure display holders can do for your business. Keep your product information in a well organized manner within easy reach of your clients and you increase the chances of a sale. This is relevant wherever any product message has to be conveyed to prospective clients – automobile showrooms, retail stores, reception areas of any commercial establishment as well as hotels and store fronts. Brochures being the first point of contact between the seller and the buyer, keeping them in a systematic manner will surely help in business growth and development.

For the convenience of users, brochure display holders are available in a wide range of versions. The most common are the small table top versions that can be kept on a counter in a small retail store or on a desk in the reception area in an office. These are made of durable and scratch resistant clear acrylic sheets. Those with a flat back can be hung on a wall. A brochure holder can also be had with multiple pockets of varying dimensions so as to hold brochures of different sizes. These are especially useful in large departmental stores and shopping centres where a lot of brochures need to be displayed.

Brochure display holders on stands too are very handy since they can be moved and placed in areas with high footfalls to maximize exposure. A number of pockets of varying sizes made of clear sheets are attached to a stand. Customers can walk around it and take their pick of brochures. Some stands have wheels for easy portability.

Top of the line brochure display holders are available from the online store of Advertising Industries. We design and manufacture all products in-house and have an enviable list of top Australian businesses as our regular customers. Advertising Industries has been in this business for close to six generations and if you do not find an item that matches your need, we will customise it for you. This is what has made us industry leaders in this field. When you order for a brochure holder from us be assured of a top class durable and sturdy product.

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