Slatwall Shelves and Hooks – A Great Medium for Product Display

Slatwall shelves are a great medium for product display and the main advantage is that they are available in many forms and sizes to meet any requirements. These are generally very useful in shops or departmental stores for displaying items both big and small. The most common and popular shelves are made from plastic or clear acrylic sheet so that a product can be viewed from all sides. It may be a small one for keeping a pair of shoes or a larger shelf to hold many items. Wire slatwall shelves are also much in demand as they have raised sides like a basket and are very convenient for keeping miscellaneous things that might otherwise roll off a straight shelf.


Slatwall hooks on the other hand are an essential accessory if slatwall is to be optimally used. The arms of the hooks are available in lengths ranging from 2in to 12in and can be used for a variety of purposes. A 12in hook can be used for displaying clothes put on hangars and hung on the hook. These are available in black, white or chrome to match the slatwall and the interior decor of the establishment. Notch hooks for slatwall are very useful too as they easily fit into any panel and hence merchandise attached to them can be rearranged any time.   

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