• Display Brochure holders – the smart shortcut

    Friday, Oct 28, 2016

    When a customer arrives at your shop front or show display, they are frequently after specific information or products. A sales assistant could provide this detailed information, however, that takes them away from other customers and tasks. Instead, using a display brochure holder, Melbourne businesses can make use of one of the most effective silent sellers. Brochure display holders offer an effective sales shortcut for busy businesses.

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  • Four ways to Maximise Your Brochure Holder

    Monday, Sep 26, 2016

    For a Melbourne shop owner setting up brochure holders can give your business a promotional advantage. These accessories are easy to use and place in a variety of scenarios. At Advertising Industries, we have been supplying brochure holders in Melbourne for nearly 50 years. In our many years of experience, we have discovered a few tips to help your business gain the most out of your “on the spot purchasing”.

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  • Organise Your Publicity Materials with Brochure Display Holder

    Tuesday, Aug 02, 2016

    Your publicity materials and product information brochures will only have some value if you can get the message across to your clients. Keeping them lying around and scattered in a corner or bundled up will defeat the purpose. They have to be easily visible to your targeted clients and must be within their easy reach. This is why a brochure display holder is so important for any business. You will find them in shops and retail stores, hotels and restaurants, airports and reception areas of large corporate offices. This list is just an example and not exhaustive. In fact, you’ll find brochure holders in Melbourne wherever there is a need to get product details across to customers.

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  • Optimise Product Display with Acrylic Brochure Holder

    Wednesday, Jun 29, 2016

    Good and attractive product display items are the lifeblood of any retail store or commercial establishment that needs to get the message of its products and services across to clients. The information that is to be conveyed is usually printed on high quality art paper so as to immediately catch the attention of clients. But all this effort will come to naught if these brochures are kept strewn all over the place without a semblance of order. This is why an acrylic brochure holder is so important, regardless of whether it is used in a restaurant, retail store, reception areas in offices or hotels and shops.

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  • Optimise Sales with Attractive Brochure Display Holders

    Friday, May 27, 2016

    It is really surprising what attractive brochure display holders can do for your business. Keep your product information in a well organized manner within easy reach of your clients and you increase the chances of a sale. This is relevant wherever any product message has to be conveyed to prospective clients – automobile showrooms, retail stores, reception areas of any commercial establishment as well as hotels and store fronts. Brochures being the first point of contact between the seller and the buyer, keeping them in a systematic manner will surely help in business growth and development.

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