Building your brand


Our approach is simple, we work with our clients to design, create and deliver projects in all areas of retail. We work with you from start to finish, with unique design concepts to expert manufacture and project management. We get to know your brand and get it to perform at its absolute best in-store.

Our approach to retail design is flexible and is about combining modern techniques and styling with efficiency and effectiveness. Our internal build teams can take the most intricate prototype designs and turn them into reality, enabling you to shorten the R&D cycle for your retail offer.

Our design expertise extends from working with store designers and clients to develop and specify fixtures, to designing whole categories and layouts complete with concept and manufacturing drawings. With experience, skill and knowledge of production and installation techniques, our team delivers the optimal concept and material specification to suit a retailer’s market positioning and budget.

Another product of our team’s experience is the ability to design around the concept of championing the merchandise and the retailer by ensuring the fixtures play a supporting role rather than becoming the feature. Using the leading #D design software SolidWorks, our team progresses simple sketches and concepts quickly and accurately to 3D renderings.

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