Unlike other competitors our products are manufactured in-house partnered with our every growing importing capabilities, providing you with low prices and the results you expect. We have been manufacturing a vast range of items for nearly 50 years in this industry and have the experience to produce quality products time and time again.

Advertising industries is committed to designing and manufacturing high quality point-of-sale, display and merchandising stands and accessories. This is achieved through years of experience with working with all materials related to this industry, the likes of wire, sheet metal, tube metal, acrylic, plastics, timber, glass, cardboard, paper, fabric, all printed substrates and signage. Bringing all these materials together to meet the clients final requirement is what we specialise and take pride in.

We are pro-active in our search for cost-effective processes to better serve our customers and achieve the highest standard of quality.We have a full in house Manufacturing and warehousing facility located in Mitcham, Victoria, Australia. Our dedicated experts are committed to quality control at every stage of the manufacturing and distribution process.


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