EAA5L Easy Access A5 landscape


EAA5L Easy Access A5 landscape

$33.80 Including 10% GST

Easy Access unit holds ‘A5’ size landscape sheet, poster or sign.

Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 27 × 20 × 5 cm

Easy Access ‘A5′ landscape (210mm wide x 150mm high)

  • Formed from modern clear acrylic with all edges polished
  • Supplied complete with four edge grip panel holders, these are manufactured from modern aluminum and project sign from wall
  • Easy Access pockets allow for changing of poster/sign without touching the panel fittings
  • Lift profile of displays, product information, signage, and data information, in addition,  giving it a professional, modern, and upmarket look.
  • Hardware not supplied

Assembly: tools required to assemble this unit are an allen key and a screwdriver.


*However, if the above unit is not exactly what you are looking for, please contact us with your requirements as we can custom manufacture.
If you would also like the image without our ai watermark please contact us.
Above all, measurements are a guide only and may vary slightly.