Wire Brochure Holders

Wire Brochure Holders

We offer a large selection of quality wire brochure holders at low prices. We design and manufacture our equipment in-house, ensuring our customers get the best value at the lowest cost. We use only the most durable materials to engineer long-lasting, engaging point of purchase displays to represent your brand.

We have what you need to display printed material of all shapes and sizes. Easily-assembled containers are offered in various colours, sizes, and styles to match any office. Holders for counters, walls, and floors are perfect for maximising space while creating an attractive display.

All of our products are easily assembled using no more than a screwdriver and spanner. Many of these displays are also adaptable, and you can combine various parts to best suit your needs. Use bases and stands to turn counter displays into floor displays.

Wire Counter Brochure Holders

A popular choice is wire counter brochure holders. Not only do they look great, they are an excellent way to make information easily accessible and appealing. A tidy, sophisticated POP display will make a lasting impact on customers and encourage repeat business.

Display literature on tables, counters, front desks, or anywhere with a flat surface. We have containers that fit trifolds, catalogues, greeting cards, one-page leaflets, magazines, and more.

Wire Floor Stands

Free-standing wire floor stands are a great way to distribute a large quantity and selection of materials. Multi-sided stands can allow for a wider array of materials do be displayed in a small area.

Stands are also easily portable and can be moved around to the most heavily trafficked areas in the office for greatest exposure. Neat displays can also leave a lasting impression at conferences and other corporate events.

We offer bookracks, catalogue baskets, video stands, and pamphlet stands in an array of dimensions and styles. Available with or without wheels.

Wall Mount Brochure Holders

A third option is wire wall mount brochure holders. Use these to maximise office space while stylishly presenting brochures to visitors. Even with limited floor or counter space, you can still distribute literature effectively by using an empty wall.

Wall displays are easily mounted using no more than screws and a screwdriver. They can also be attached to a peg wall or slot wall, depending on the hardware purchased.

Our large selection of products is available for convenient online purchase. Just add the desired product to your cart and proceed to checkout. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Didn’t find what you wanted? Check out our custom designs for more information about creating customised displays.