Acrylic Brochure Holder – A Useful Display Medium

Acrylic brochure holder

Display stands, whether for storing publicity material or just to keep things in order, add to the cleanliness of any office or retail outlet. Take the case of business card holders for desk. What would you do if a very important business transaction cannot be initiated because the business card of the contact has been misplaced? On the other hand you can keep your own cards neatly stacked in a holder on your desk so that you do not have to search for them in front of a potential business associate. Business card holders for desk are made of clear acrylic sheets so that the card can be seen from across the table. It is a nice way to advertise yourself too. These holders are available in various sizes and can be clipped on to glass, metal or even brochure holders. They are available in both horizontal and vertical configurations. 

An acrylic brochure holder is a very effective way to keep your brochures. It is made of clear acrylic sheet and available in different sizes. It can be attached to a wall at a height that makes stacking or replacing brochures very easy. Another model of a brochure holder is one which has multiple acrylic pockets attached to a floor stand. This type of acrylic brochure holder is very useful for offices and shops as the brochures can be moved to dense footprints areas.

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