Dress Up Your Desk with Attractive Business Card Holders for Desk

The first point of contact between two businessmen or a businessman and a potential client is a business card. Since first impressions are the best impressions, it is crucial that the business card be attractive, neat and in a good condition. This is where a desktop business card holder has a great role to play. Cards kept in the holder stay neat and clean without creases at the edges. Further, it is always handy and you don’t have to search in your pocket or table drawer to find one.

Most business card holders for desk are made of clear acrylic sheets so that the cards are visible from across the table. It is a subtle way to advertise yourself in front of a client. These card holders are available in various sizes to suit your requirement. For example the length may be greater than the width and vice versa. The card holders can be attached to glass and metal with glued double sided tape or clipped on to brochure holders with velcro application. The internal dimensions of a desktop business card holder is usually 90mm x 60mm x 25mm or 58mm x 90mm x 25mm depending on whether the card has a horizontal or vertical profile. Business card holders for desk are attractive, durable and scratch and high impact resistant.

You can shop online for these beautiful office accessories at Advertising Industries. They specialise in all forms of display items such as wire mesh baskets, posters and brochure holders, clothes racks and floor spinners, every item being of high utility and quality. The company has been in business since 1966 and have developed in-house numerous products. If there is anything you need that is not standardised, they will even customise one for you. You’ll surely not be disappointed.

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