Attractive Brochure Display Stands for an Organised Look

Brochures are the one of the best mediums for conveying product information to customers and are seen in most commercial establishments such as offices, hotels, shops and retail outlets, airports and car dealerships. However, it is important to keep them in an organised and easily accessible manner so that clients can quickly find what they need. This is one of the reasons why it is always advisable to keep brochures neatly stacked in an attractive brochure holder within their easy reach.

A brochure holder is usually made of clear acrylic scratch resistant sheet and is available in different sizes such as A4 and A5. These are small enough to be kept on counter tops at a convenient location or fixed to walls. The latter models have a flat back so that they can be put up easily while the counter top version has a stand and the holder is kept tilted against it.

Brochure display stands can be found at offices and shops where there are many types of brochures to be put on display. A large number of clear pockets are attached to a floor stand which can be carried whenever necessary and put in locations with high footfalls. The number of pockets in each stand depends on their size. There is one that has 6 A4 size folders and another with 32 smaller pockets each being 30mm deep. These brochure display stands with their multiple pockets often double up in retail stores as greeting cards holders.

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