Optimise Product Display with Mesh Display Panel

If there is one display product that is flexible in its use, offers a range of sizes and is adaptable to any space, it is a wire mesh panel. Consider the ways it can be used. Place it leaning against a wall, fix hooks on it and hang brochure holders, wire baskets to hold small items or even paintings and other art works at temporary exhibitions and fairs. These panels are available in many configurations – single panels, those that are fixed to floor stands and can be moved to any location in retail stores or offices and even some that have four panels fixed in a rectangle. The latter is especially helpful where a number of products need to be displayed in a limited space. Visitors can move around the wire mesh panel and see all the items being exhibited.

Sign poster holders too are available in a range of sizes and are very useful for conveying product information. These are available in many sizes ranging from A5 to A0. The usual ones are made of clear scratch resistant acrylic sheets in a pocket form where the posters can be inserted. Sign poster holders can be hung on walls, placed in shop windows and the smaller ones can be kept on the counter.

If you are looking for a high quality wire mesh panel or attractive sign poster holders, shop online at Advertising Industries. We offer a wide range of display products that can be customised to suit your requirements. We have been in this business for almost 50 years now. Our team of in-house designers are constantly upgrading the existing products and that is why some of the leading names of Australian businesses are our regular clients.

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