Be prepared for trade shows

When attempting to grow a business or even just boost sale, a trade show can be the most effective tactic. Trade shows are great for generating new leads, gaining industry insight and even networking with future customers and business partners.

In order for your business to realise a show’s true potential it is important to be fully prepared and ready to maximise your presence. Here are just a few basic steps to check that you are fully prepared and ready for your next trade show.

1. Determine your objectives

Before you even look at a trade show you need to determine your objective for attending. Your goals will determine not only what show you choose, but also how you approach the event. Are you launching a new product, attempting to generate interest in existing ones, or even simply looking for new customers? Is it part of a strategy to build up a competitive presence in the industry or even gain further information about changing trends? Most people cannot afford to attend too many events, so it is important they know the answer to all those questions early. They will ensure you spend money only on shows that are truly important to your goals.

2. Do your Homework

As most businesses cannot afford to go to every show, it is important you research the show before attending. Evaluate the show’s potential against your goals and even your breakeven statistics. Speak to past attendees and determine exactly who will be going to the show. One of the most important aspects is to determine exactly how you will measure your goal’s success. Will it be through sales figures or expressions of interest? Whatever your goal it is important to do your homework on whether the show will have the number of attendees in the right demographics for your goals to be fulfilled.

3. Play it safe

One of the biggest risks with trade shows is participating in first-time shows, or one that does not quite align with your event goals. Not only can this end up costing your business with lower returns, it can also end up costing your brand. Customers will remember your brand so it is important to consider the impact that the trade show will have on your reputation.

4. Choose your Space Wisely

Each trade show is different so it is important to utilise your space wisely. Variables like traffic direction and the floor plan can dramatically how you display your products and your booth fits. If you have time to prepare, one of the best marketing tools is to create a custom POP display. Not only does it enable you to take more advantage of limited trade show spaces, it also enables you to display your products to the best ability.

While it might seem a lot to do in the lead up to a trade show, sometimes the simplest step can have the biggest impact. For professional help on developing a custom advertising display, contact us at Advertising Industries. We can help simplify the process and help you build the best trade show presence for your business.

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