Brochure Display Stands and Greeting Card Displays

Putting up publicity and promotion material is always at the very core of any retail store and outlet. One of the most effective means to do this is to put them on attractive brochure display stands. These are available in various sizes so you will always find one to match your need.

The most basic are the counter top ones made of scratch resistant durable clear acrylic sheet. They are slanted back for better visibility and are open at the top so that the brochure can be inserted easily and changed any number of times. Very stylish brochure display stands are ideal for offices, trade shows or conventions. The shelves are made of plexiglass for clear visibility. Six shelves are mounted on an aluminium frame that can be kept folded when not in use. It collapses like an accordion and is thus quite portable


Greeting card displays are available in many variations. The most popular are the revolving ones that have acrylic pockets attached to a central rod that spins on its axis. Customers can stand at one place and view all the cards kept in the pockets by rotating the unit. These are either small countertype models or bigger floor stand variants. Opening on the top or at the side of the pockets makes for easy removal and insertion of cards. Another model of greeting card displays has the cards inserted in a 1in deep slot resting against a back wall. A frame opens out at the back for support. Usually made of rough pine, it has an old world charm to it.       

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