Need A Portable Publicity Medium? Try Mesh Display Panel

A mesh display panel is a very convenient display medium. In retail outlets and shopping centres, it can be placed suitably – resting against a wall, on floor stands or even hung on walls. All that is required for product display is to hang the items on the panels. In temporary exhibitions or country fairs, mesh panels are very handy. Hang paintings or any other stuff on them and carry it away when it is all over.

There is a wide variety of mesh panels and the free standing one is the most common. A wire mesh is fixed on a steel frame and since it is very light, it can be carried and kept anywhere in a room or shop. There are single sided panels which can be placed against a wall or double side panels fixed on stands. These naturally have more display space as pictures and products can be hung on both sides. At exhibitions it is common to see three or even four panels in one configuration set on fixed stands. People can move around the mesh display panel to see the exhibits. It does not take up much floor space yet has a large area for anything put on show.

If you are looking for any form of mesh panels or for that matter any type of product display items, contact Advertising Industries or browse through our website to see the full range of products. We have everything that you can possibly need – from brochure and poster holders, mesh panels, greeting cards display racks to floor or counter spinner stands. We can even customise display solutions for you.

Advertising Industries is a fully owned Australian business with more than 50 years of experience in this field. Some of the top Australian companies are our regular clients. Call us with your requirements. You will definitely not be disappointed.    

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