Catching an Eye: Build your Brand with A Digital Advertising Player!

Building your brand and selling more of your products has never been a more creative, immersive venture. With the myriad of options available to business owners looking to maximise sales with clever, modern advertising tools, it’s never been easier to engage a mind with a tailored mode of advertising for your product. One of the most effective ways to capture the attention of a viewer is with a Digital Advertising Player.

Did you know that our brains can decode a visual image 600,000 times faster than we can decode text? Weigh the value of high-quality imagery up against the average text-filled brochure and it soon becomes obvious as to why images and video content are, for the most part, preferred instant methods of advertising. 

Digital Advertising Players provide high quality audio-visual experiences on cue, and when positioned effectively, place your products on a premium viewing platform, giving you a chance to effectively deliver highly relevant and enticing information to the viewer.

In a range of sizes from 7 through to 19 inches, an informative Digital Advertising Player acts as an attention magnet to your customers. As one of the most effective tools available to business owners looking to maximise engagement with potential purchasers, Digital Advertising Players tick a lot of boxes when it comes to making an advertising impact.  They are:

            – Compact and Streamlined
            – Energy Efficient
            – Adaptable to almost all environments
            – Compatible with power sources AC100V -240 V

Depending on the features assigned to our Digital Advertising Player models, your monitor can detect an approaching viewer by using a body sensor and commence playing your professional videos or pictures. They can be safely mounted on a wall with the support of a shelf mounting bracket (which can be rotated to 360 degrees,) or positioned at eye level on a surface for maximum impact. This audio-visual experience is boosted by the 2x high quality stereo speakers included with our Digital Advertising Players.

At Advertising Industries, we’re all about making sure your message is delivered in an innovative, interesting and engaging way. If you need advice about displaying your product range in a retail environment, the professionals at Advertising Industries can help. As specialists in the design and manufacturing of advanced merch promotion and display options, we work with some of the largest global retail names, offering expertise and innovative solutions across the spectrum of display requirements. If you’d like to meet with an Advertising Industries consultant, please contact our team on (03) 9874 5022 today. 

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