Shop Front Marketing: To Display or Dismay- Do You Know the Difference?

Welcome back to the Advertising Industries blog, where we’re all for discussing the good, the bad and the ugly of retail advertising displays in all the shapes, sizes and shopfronts they come in.


Last month, we talked about three of the main goals every business owner should aim to meet when they put together a shop front display- but it got us thinking about some of the biggest and most likely mistakes you might make, especially if you’re not trained, or even well versed as a merchandiser.

 Shop Front Marketing

When it comes to a poor display, it generally comes down to three main dealbreakers. So, here they are, some of the biggest mistakes you can make when arranging your displays in a shop front window, and of course, our fixes on how to resolve them.


Seasonal Relevance

While of course, we should all be thinking about the next shop display we’re going to put together, it’s well worth noting that shop front displays that move too fast can be disorienting and fail to secure the interest of shoppers who return after considering a potential purchase. A month is generally a good amount of time to afford to a shop front display, however, if a month doesn’t give you enough time and changing your shop display requires a lot of effort and time, at least considerate value of winter, summer, spring and autumnal displays as the months roll by.



Cluttered spaces that don’t offer a viewer any breathing room to rest the eye. In addition to looking look chaotic and untidy, they can also be overwhelming – not great when you need to secure customer interest. You may have miles of stock to sell, but the way out of this problem is not to push it past in a wave. If space is a concern, consider the following fixes: Have you doubled up on any stock? If so, retain some and put them out as sales occur. Is everything at eye level? Try breaking your display up into groups, or smaller stories. Uses multiple levels with stands that make products visibly separate from each other.



We know, we know… not everyone has the time to check their shop window every day- but consider what happens to the shop window that gets left unchecked even after a week of being missed? If you’ve ever walked past a display and noticed dust bunnies, dead flies or displays knocked over, you’ll know the priority of heading in to see what else is on the shelves is considerably lowered from that point onwards. The fix? Keep an eye on things out there! A quick check in the morning and evening stops things getting out of hand.


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