Display Brochure Holders For Maximum Product Information

The key to good business is conveying maximum product information to customers, whether it is in a shop and retail outlet, office, hotels and airports to cite a few selected places. Display brochure holders are ideal to convey a message to existing and potential customers and are available in a large variety of shapes and sizes. But basically these are made of clear scratch resistant acrylic sheet so that the brochure is clearly visible. These can be placed on floor stands, fixed to walls or often small enough to be set on the counter. Their sizes range from small postcard dimensions to large A4 or A6 ones. A slit at the side or top enables easy changing of the brochures.

Counter display holders are another effective medium to exhibit various products. They are small in size so that placing them on counters does not take up too much space. The most common type is one that has a central rod fixed to a stand. Arms extending from it have clear pockets hanging from them in which greeting cards, CDs and DVDs can be kept on display. Another variation of this model has a rotating stand. More items than the conventional fixed type can be displayed here and the customer need not go around the display holders to see them. All that is required is to spin the stand on its axis.

Get a wide range of display brochure holders and counter display holders at Advertising Industries. We have been in this business for about 50 years now and have over this period customised display solutions for some of the leading names in Australia’s business. Browse through our online store to see the full range of items covering every conceivable type of display products.

Contact us with your specific needs. Our in-house developers will design product displays that will surely match what you want. 

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