Table Menu Holders – Add Class to your Restaurant

There are many different types of table menu holders but the well crafted and unique ones have one thing in common. They add a touch of class to a restaurant and are as much a crucial part of the set-up as mellowed lighting, bone china crockery, good food and overall ambience. In fact, they are the first point of contact between a customer and a restaurant.

Table menu holders are generally made of clear scratch resistant acrylic sheet. Two of them fixed closely together form a pocket into which the menu is kept inserted. This is placed on a small stand made of the same material or can be rested against a support at the back like a tent. The better ones have a well crafted wooden frame and stand that brings an old charm to the premises. These holders are available in different sizes and the menu is visible from both sides.  


Apart from these special menu holders, any menu card should necessarily be encased in a menu holder. This preserves the card from wear and tear and prevents it from getting frayed at the edges, thereby increasing its life span. Menus in most restaurants today are elaborate multi page affairs and quite expensive to print too. This is why it is crucial that they should be covered with good quality clear plastic or acrylic sheets. Such a menu holder is usually available in A4 and A5 sizes or tri-folds.

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