Do POS and POP display Stands actually work?

We all know as a business owner, you are continually looking for tactics to strengthen your sales and better ways to show off your favourite products. One of the latest trends is Point Of Purchase/Point Of Sale displays. But before investing in a lot of merchandising displays many businesses owners want to know if they actually work.

It’s a fair question, and we can say with confidence that they definitely do! Even the most discerning shoppers cannot help but be influenced by strong displays whether they know it or not.

Basically, smaller retail displays of more affordable products, POP displays, are located in or around the checkout to entice people to look at them and purchase. They often feature a selection of products from around the store, which a customer might have missed on their first time around the shop.

POP displays do the same work that a sales associate used to do, quickly informing a customer about the product and yet because there is no ‘sales pitch’ the customer feels more in control. They maintain positive emotions around the transaction, and with the impression that they made a choice to buy the product, not that it was forced on them by a sales rep.

However, POP displays work on a customer’s impulse buying tendency increasing the likelihood of a customer while waiting in line at the checkout will purchase something extra. An excellent and cost effective way of getting rid of excess inventory and boosting sales for a sluggish product. The displays are also incredibly affordable for stores compared to both advertising budget and even sales reps themselves.

Many businesses owners find that employing the use of POP displays work best when they are customised to the needs of both your customers and the product. Not only can tailoring a unique design for an eye-catching display drive more business to that product, but it is also a sleek, efficient way of organising merchandise.

At Advertising Industries, we are able to handle any custom POP display orders. We support a range of customisation options, from rebranding or colouring existing designs, right through to complete custom manufacturing. With our in-house design team and manufacturing network, at Advertising Industries, we turn your concepts into a reality.

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