The Times only Custom Will Do

Do you have a special advertising display project, or strict requirements for a certain event? Some owners might try to make do with what they already have, but an alternative is to create a custom stand for displaying your merchandise or advertising products.

As a company, we intimately understand your ‘point of purchase’ advertising needs. We have been in business since 1966 constructing, designing and manufacturing advertising ‘on the spot’ purchasing equipment.

While we have been honing our skills and knowledge to provide our customers with a broad variety of advertising merchandise, we understand sometimes they just are not the right fit.

When you require some unique P.O.P’s, we are fully equipped to handle every requirement. Not only we have a complete in-house design team, but we can also manufacture any special requirements. At Advertising Industries, we turn your concepts into a reality.

We are fully experienced and understanding of all custom requirements, and our team of designers can even offer ideas or solutions to unique problems. We also frequently create custom display stands for Melbourne trade shows. The customised stands enable businesses to maximise their displays at events like trade shows, while fitting a narrow booth or event guidelines.

We also offer smaller custom jobs when businesses require a certain colour or artwork on any of our existing displays, and across a range of different materials. Our printing providers make this an affordable and achievable method to develop branded material which is consistent across your store or business.

Depending on your budget and the project size or requirements, we offer custom manufacturing solutions both in-house, within Australia or overseas via our partnered manufacturers.

The process begins with us meeting with you and working out your exact requirements. During this meeting, we will endeavour to understand your needs and any issues you might face, along with providing some ideas and suggestions. We then provide a sample, prototype and quote which matches your requirements, which (once approved) then enters the manufacturing process. Throughout this stage, we ensure the final product is built as per all your specifications to the highest quality possible. Once this is complete, we can then distribute the product anywhere within Australia.

If you have some tricky POS requirements, come talk to us today and discover how we can turn your concept into a reality.

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