Floor Stands – An Effective Display Medium

When you walk into a large department store or any retail outlet, the first thing that meets your eye is the many varieties of floor stands being used for product display. It is because these are very convenient and portable to use and can be carried to points with large footfalls. For example, stands for greeting cards and clothes can be put at prominent places during the festive shopping season.

Floor stands also save a lot of rack space and more merchandise can be put on display on stands rather than on conventional racks. Stands that come with multiple extension rods are very convenient to hang clothes. Similarly, stands for CDs and DVDs are available with large numbers of pockets for product display. On racks, the same would take up more space, and add the difficulty of browsing through all of them.

A floor spinner display rack goes a step further in convenience. Customers can stand at one point and browse through all the items by simply rotating the rack on its axis. In busy seasons when shops are crowded, this will mean less of physical contact between customers. As with stationary floor stands, a floor spinner display rack is lightweight and can be carried to any area of the shop.


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