Multi Utility Acrylic Brochure Holder for an Office or Store

The primary concern for an owner of a retail store, office or any other commercial establishment is to get information about products and services across to a customer quickly and efficiently. One of the most preferred ways is to have colourful brochures neatly stacked within easy reach of clients who can then get all the details and come to a business decision. This is where attractive brochure holders play a very important role.

The most common is an acrylic brochure holder. It is made of clear scratch resistant acrylic sheet and comes in various sizes and configurations ranging from small postcard size ones to that which can hold magazines too. The transparent sheet gives greater visibility to the brochures from all angles. The single pocket brochure holders can be placed on counters at retail stores or offices.

There are brochure holders that have multiple pockets in one set, yet are small enough to be placed on a counter too. These are especially useful in stores and offices having a large number of products and services each of which has to be illustrated in different brochures. Customers can get all of them at one place without having to look in a number of holders.


Apart from the usual holders placed on counters, there are those that are attached to floor stands. Instead of one acrylic brochure holder a number of them are attached to a stand. These are lightweight and have castor wheels for easy portability. Similarly another version is where a number of acrylic brochure holders are attached to all clear panels fixed to a wall. The variations for brochure holders are limitless and anybody can get a few that will be specific to unique needs.

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