Slatwall Hooks and Accessories – For Multi Use Product Display

Slatwall hooks and slatwall accessories can be used in a large number of ways for product display. In fact their flexibility to adapt to any type of product publicity is simply amazing and versatile. A slatwall panel is all that it is required to exhibit products anywhere – exhibitions, trade fairs, retail outlets and stores, offices, homes and any other commercial establishment. In fact, wherever footfalls are expected to be more the panel can be carried and placed there.  

Slatwall hooks can be fixed to slatwall and slatgrid panels. These are available in sizes from 2 in to 10 in length. Hence, store owners have the option to put one display panel on a small one or a number of items of the same type on the longer hooks. Moreover, these hooks can be had in different diameters for added strength and are extremely strong and durable.

It is really astonishing what one slatwall panel hung on a wall or kept tilted against it can do for your business when matched with different slatwall accessories. The benefits of slatwall hooks have been seen. Another very common accessory is slatwall baskets in varying sizes which can be attached to a panel. It is very convenient for keeping loose items which need not be stacked on shelves. A few examples are greetings cards, brochures, small stationery merchandise and souvenirs. However, if there is a requirement to exhibit a wide variety of products such as groceries, cosmetics, clothing, and shoes there is nothing to beat slatwall shelves made of wire, scratch resistant acrylic sheets and even glass for all round visibility.

For high quality slatwall hooks and slatwall accessories order online from Advertising Industries. We have vast professional expertise in design and manufacture of a large range of display products from brochure and poster holders to different types of multi utility fixed and spinning floor and counter stands. We are based in Melbourne and have been in this business for over six generations. Some of the biggest names in Australian business are our customers. If you do not get an item that will exactly match your requirements, get in touch with us. We will customise solutions based on your specific needs.

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