The Importance of Compelling Signage and Displays

Did you have custom advertising for Mother’s Day? Or was it only your old display that customers have seen time and time again?

In talking to customers one of the most important essentials is creating compelling signage that consistently attracts attention. One way to do this is to change the signage through custom POP displays that are tailored for different events, occasions and even demographics. A great retail or point of purchase display can make all the different to your product KPIs. Even at trade shows and events, a custom display can make the difference to your traffic and ultimate range.

So as one of the central aspects of selling, it is critical your signage and displays capture a customer’s interest. Here are a few tips to create compelling POP displays and retail signage.

Be short and to the point. Do not try to cram too much information on your product or service. Advertising is not a research article and many customers will easily be turned away by too detailed signage or displays. This is especially true for pop displays, where the key is to prompt customers to buy not spend 15 minutes trying to read your entire spiel.

Use easy to understand content. Try to put yourself in the customer’s shoes and view your display from their perspective. If it is a shop display your product should be the focus, and if it is an advertising a service or business then you need to ensure customers understand who you are or where to go.

Brand Yourself. Does your display reflect your brand’s identity? It is important customers can recognise your brand from just a quick glance, which is where custom pop displays come into play. Choosing the colours, logo, and even cut or style of your displays can help build a solid identity with your customers and within your industry.

Be compelling and state the reason. Your customers generally have similar reasons for approaching you or needing your brand. So try to tap into that when you are designing your displays and signage. Have a product for curly hair and know your customers want easy-to-manage hair? Advertise it with ‘Manage Your Curly Hair With This’. Customers buy when they can visualise themselves using the product, so it is important to connect with their reasons for looking.

Have Fun

Ultimately one of the best ways to capture a customer’s attention, whether at a trade show, retail store, or shop front, is to be fun. Whether it is a joke or pun, customers like feeling like they are in the joke or secret, so create engaging content that build that relationship. Pull them into a ‘secret’, engage them in a puzzle or even make a joke, you will be surprised as how many customers will appreciate a fun or casual company.

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