Boost Brand Recognition with your POP Design

Designing and manufacturing a Point-of-purchase display for your brand  can play a big part in not just one particular product, but the overall success of your brand. In today’s marketplace that is becoming saturated with new brands, it’s important to make yours stand out and something you can’t neglect is “brand recognition”.

So, what is brand recognition? It’s the process that happens when a potential buyer sees a brand they recognise. Upon recognition, they’ll think about everything they associate with that brand. Whether it sells quality products, they’ve had a previous bad experience or it’s a little pricey, the purchasing decision will depend on these associations.

Tailor your POP design to boost brand recognition and keep your company in the spotlight for all the right reasons.

1. Draw attention to brand name and product

The brand name should be a focal point of your POP design, so viewers don’t have to spend time wondering who is advertising to them. Try to show the package of the product you’re selling just as it will be seen at the point-of-purchase. That way, shoppers know exactly what they’re looking for and won’t be disappointed with a misleading image.

2. Position the item in the correct product category

Use your POP display to get a little more specific with where your brand is placed. Instead of just promoting your product as “shampoo”, let shoppers know that it’s “shampoo for sufferers of dandruff” or “shampoo for coloured hair”. They’ll have a better idea about whether your product is relevant to them and are more likely to take the next step in the buying process.

Opt for an experienced POP design company to help you out here. A good graphic designer is able to establish a strong visual hierarchy and draw attention to the things you want, such as headings and important product points.

3. Be consistent with your brand

This tip applies to both the digital world and physical stores. Be consistent with all marketing materials related to your brand, whether this is across social media channels or points-of-purchase in-store. The logo, colours, designs and tone of voice should all be consistent so that people can easily recognise and relate to your brand.


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