Why do Point of Purchase Displays Boost Business so well?

Every business owner should be looking for ways to strengthen and develop their point of purchase (POP) game – but if there is uncertainty certain around the benefits of the addition of a POP display, finding out more about why they work is a good place to determine whether boosting your sales space as your next-best business move.

What do POP displays do for the customer?

What do POP displays do for the customer?

A good POP display hands the reigns over to the customer.  They provide positive experiences just waiting to be had, in which your customer is able to select a product with minimal interaction from staff. The inclusion of a POP stand that gives control to the client works on a number of levels. For example, spinning stands can persuade customers to act on impulse buying cues, find the product ideal for their immediate curiosity, cruise past products they might otherwise have missed. All these cues help a customer to make a purchase that gives them a good impression of a store.

What does a good POP display do for a business?

POP display stands can give life to products that may be difficult to move or products failing to get the attention they deserve. When it comes to drawing attention to a product, nothing beats a spin-stand. They are very cost-effective ways of managing deadstock or add-ons that would otherwise require assistance by staff to do so.

Angling a POP stand to be attractive to the customer needs little consideration. Once a stand has been selected, it’s as simple as filling it and placing the stand in a pre-purchase perspective so that customers can make a selection prior to committing to their intended purchase.

The reach for a POP display extends to both the business and the customer, offering benefits to both sides in good measure. Would you like to discover the opportunity that a good POP display could mean for your business? Talk to the experts at Advertising industries today. Our friendly team can help you choose the perfect solution for any business of any size.

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