3 Ways a Custom POP Display Boosts Your Brand Image

The quickest way to upgrade your business’s marketing efforts is by installing a custom POP display. While there are many high tech ways to get a business’s message out, point of purchase displays are classic for a reason.

Provide Information

The main purpose, of course, is to make relevant information or items readily available to clients. An organised and attractive display is a great means of having information on-hand and easily accessible.

Brochures and coupons displayed at cash wraps are the easiest way to let existing customers, who are likely to be interested, about promotions and sales. Making sure your clients know what’s going on with the company ensures that they feel involved and invested.

Reinforce Branding

Another great trick to immediately looking more professional is simply organisation. A clean, modern display of branded materials or small items for sale makes an office a pleasant place to be. Brochure holders prevent any messy piles of papers and show your clients and employees that you care about the details.

In addition to being neat, point of purchase displays also help establish an organisation’s look. The world’s most successful companies all have immediately recognisable logos and visual styles. Displaying your logo and visual styling at the POP leaves an impression of the brand that will stick with visitors long after they leave.

Leave a Lasting Impression

Because the POP is the last stop, whatever is displayed will be the final thing customers associate with a brand. Give your customers something to remember you. After visitors have left, they will have useful information or a last-minute purchase to remind them of your business.

The literature clients have taken home will reinforce their initial brand impression and reinforce your messaging. Readily available information about products, events and promotions will encourage repeat business.

Custom POP displays don’t just look good to clients. They will make you and your employees feel great about your office space and proud of the organisation. We at Advertising Industries have decades of experience helping businesses create the perfect displays for their office. We’d be happy to help you with any questions or custom requests.

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