A Wide Range of Attractive Display Brochure Holders for Any Establishment

A well run shop or any establishment is one where customers have quick access to information about products on sale or services offered. Even in offices a potential client would like to know what he will be dealing with much before he meets top executives to seal a transaction. In all such instances, colorful pamphlets, catalogs or leaflets can be kept in attractive display brochure holders placed strategically to get easy attention.

Advertising Industries offers a wide range of display brochure holders that will match your need. Their main product line has both wall mounted as well as trolley type holders. Decide on what you want to put on display. If it is a single brochure or poster, try individual acrylic frames placed on counters. Floor stand tubular structures with multiple pockets are ideal for stacking many pamphlets at a time for giveaway to customers. Different size pockets make them a great choice to keep magazines too. These have castor wheels and can be moved any time to places where client footprints are more.

Greeting cards displayed on a beautiful yet convenient greeting card holder will surely improve your turnover. The objective should be to keep as many varieties as possible within reach of customers. These holders are made of durable wire with option to choose from single card width or double. These are six or eight card high and can be screwed into the wall or hung on pegboards. Place a number of them along a wall and keep one greeting card holder exclusively for a category – birthdays, anniversaries and different festivals. Go through the full collection at Advertising Industries and systematically set up your shop to maximize sales of greeting cards.

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