Use Menu Card Holders for Easy and Convenient Displays

Why would a restaurant or any establishment for that matter use menu card holders? There are two aspects to it. First, a menu card that sits on the table encased in clear acrylic sheet with polished edges immediately draws your attention to the class and sophistication of the place you are in. Secondly, it is often seen that menu cards tend to fray at the edges and the print fades over time due to constant handling. All these problems will not arise if the menu cards are well protected in holders. These are available in A3, A4 and A5 sizes in portrait or landscape configurations so that any menu size or position of print can fit into them like a glove. Most importantly, there are double sided and single sided menu card holders. Choose one according to the menu you have to display.
Poster holders are also an integral part of product display and publicity. The most common of these have clear acrylic sheet pocket with polished edges into which a poster can be inserted. Hence the poster need not be stuck with glue to any place and can be easily replaced whenever necessary. The whole unit can be fitted into slat wall or grooved panels. It has a clean look and will look aesthetically beautiful in an office or high end hotel reception area. Poster holders are conveniently available in A2, A3, A4 sizes and are suitable for signs, advertisement and product information also.
If you are looking for top quality menu card holders or poster holders, you will do well to browse the wide range available online at Advertising Industries, Victoria. They have been specialists in all types of display solutions for in-house retail product publicity over the last five decades and are now considered to be leaders in this field. Whatever be the display requirement for any establishment, get in touch with them and they will customize one for you.         

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