Attractive Poster Holders for Product Information

Having a quality product in stock is one thing, letting customers know that you have it is what is very important. In shops and retail outlets, offices, hotels and restaurants, airports and railway stations, attractive posters encased in equally attractive holders is bound to catch the eye. The best part is that poster holders are available in multiple configurations and in many sizes.

Take the example of a poster frame that attaches directly to slatwall without the need for any additional hardware. Plastic clips attached to the sides of the frame give added stability. Posters are inserted from the side. Another type is made of clear scratch resistant acrylic sheet which can be mounted on a wall or kept in shop windows. Posters can be slid in from the top. Poster holders with plastic pockets mounted on a floor stand are perfect for shop floors as they can be carried to any place and kept near products on display with posters showing relevant information. Choose a design and size that best suits your need.


Walk into a restaurant and the first thing apart from the ambience that is bound to get your attention is the menus which today are very expensive and elaborate affairs. If not encased in menu holders they will be subjected to wear and tear and get frayed at the edges due to constant handling by the patrons. Menu holders are available in A4, A5 sizes and tri-folds and generally made of plastic or clear acrylic sheet pockets into which the menu is inserted. Table menu holders are placed on stands made of the same material while the classier ones are made of wood.        

Advertising Industries make some of the best poster holders and menu holders in Australia and are considered to be industry leaders in the manufacture of product display items. We have almost six generations of hands on experience behind us and have designed and developed exclusive items for some of the leading names in business in the country. Browse through our online store and you will find products that will match every need for displaying merchandise. In the rare eventuality that you do not find something you want, get in touch with us. Our in-house team of designers will customise solutions for you.  

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