Wire Gondola Stands for Optimising Product Display

In any store or retail outlet, the ideal product display medium depends on where it will be placed. For example steel shelves holding groceries or vegetables are usually placed against the wall as customers can check out the items from one side only. Revolving stands holding greetings cards or clothes have to be placed on a counter or at place on the floor where there is enough space for people to move around the stands.

Similarly, wire gondola stands are display units that have two sides and hence should be kept in the centre of a store. These are ideal for keeping auto spare parts, grocery and health and beauty items to name just a few. However, gondola stands are also available in single sided versions and the choice of the shop owner depends on the quantity of merchandise to be displayed. The most common models are the free standing ones where the main stand is made of strong enamel coated tube usually black with the baskets made from white polythene coated wire. These are rust and corrosion resistant. The shelves are bolted to the main stand and the spaces between the baskets are fully adjustable. Castor wheels are an optional attachment.

If you are looking for wire basket stands you’ll surely be spoilt for choice. These are available in a wide range and are suitable for any purpose that one can think of. Use them as a product display item in shops for keeping such items as fruits or greetings cards or keep them in a corner below a beautiful potted plant. At home small wire basket stands can be kept in the kitchen, bedroom or the bathroom to store regular household necessities within easy reach.

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