Exciting Technology in the Custom Manufacturing Industry

The industry of custom manufacturing in Melbourne and the rest of Australia is growing more and more competitive. It can be difficult for businesses to keep up with technology that is racing ahead.

There’s pressure for custom manufacturing businesses in Melbourne to beat the competition by providing a service that gets custom orders out to customers quickly and at a high quality. Add this to a demand for more specific custom orders using advanced processes, and that means businesses have to get to grips with new technology trends in the industry.

There are 5 stand-out technology trends that have emerged in the custom manufacturing industry in relatively recent years.

The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is all about being able to connect any device with an on/off switch to the internet. The concept gives manufacturers greater transparency over all operations in the manufacturing process.

The IoT is transforming manufacturing because the “physical” properties that are traditionally associated with manufacturing will be connected with online software, sensors, electronics etc.


Advanced Analytics

The IoT gives us greater insight that we previously didn’t have. It provides real-time analytics that can assist with operational decisions and prevent future errors.

This information can be extracted to offer important updates on maintenance, performance data, usage data and feedback.



Perhaps one of the most exciting trends, robotics are transforming the custom manufacturing industry! The advanced robotics of today are able to use sensors to identify how different materials fit together and give humans the chance to focus on high-thinking tasks while the machines take care of other processes.

Quality is of utmost importance in any custom manufacturing service, and robotics reduce the risk of error and offer flexibility when switching between projects and materials.


3D Printing

3D printing uses schematics to bring drawings to life. It’s a new concept in the manufacturing industry and isn’t widely-used just yet. 3D printing can positively impact the manufacturing process by providing a prototype to predict future issues when developing the real thing. Manufacturers can use the prototype to eliminate waste and create a leaner product.


Augmented Reality

Using augmented reality technology, custom manufacturers can use computer-generated images to give clients an accurate view of how their project will look in real life.

This is the best way to help clients see the same vision as yourself, and you can make edits to the product as you go along. This allows for a more specific, editable custom manufacturing process.

Custom manufacturing in Melbourne is growing at an incredible rate, but this technology is making custom manufacturing a simpler, more advanced and more accurate industry. If you’re looking for a custom manufacturing company, contact Advertising Industries on (61) 03 9874 5022 and chat to our experts.

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