How to Encourage Purchases in your Retail Store

Encouraging purchases, whether online or in-store, is all about showing the right products to the right people at the right time. Sounds simple, and it can be! As a retailer, your aim is to encourage store visitors to fill those shopping baskets and leave your establishment feeling satisfied with their purchases.

The difficulty lies in determining what the right products are and when the right time is. There are ways you can direct customers around your shop and encourage all-important sales.

Make Product Recommendations

When customers engage with product recommendations at online retailers, they generate 2.8x more revenue per visitor. Walk-in stores are no different. Not all customers know what they want to buy when they browse a store, so it’s your job to offer assistance.

When arranging items, use your knowledge of purchase histories. Place items that are regularly bought together close to each other, and keep similar products together.

Use the psychological notion of “anchoring” to encourage buys. Place a higher-priced product near the entrance and a similar item of a lower price further back. The human mind tends to take the first information it receives as a benchmark, so the lower priced item will seem even more reasonable to visitors.

Ensure Effective Ad Campaigns

Effective advertising is on the surface eye-catching and memorable. On a deeper level, you should use advertising to connect with customers by delivering a personal and meaningful message. Let each customer understand how that product or service will make them feel happier or more fulfilled.

Change up your advertising and displays regularly so repeat visitors don’t lose that sense of novelty.

Be Aware of the Transition

When visitors first enter your store, they’re in a transition phase from the outside world to the shopping experience. They evaluate the suitability, price and decor of the area. If you’re trying to encourage purchases of a particular product or line, avoid placing the carts or signage here. Customers have too many factors to think about, so won’t be paying much attention.

Instead, place your seasonal or high demand products to the right. 90% of consumers unconsciously turn right when entering a store. You can even create the general path you want your customers to walk in by setting up your attention-grabbing display at the end of an aisle.

Using techniques like these can help to encourage your customers to fill up their shopping baskets with things they want and need. Contact the experts at Advertising Industries for more ways to encourage sales through merchandising promotions and displays.

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