Still Relevant: Brochures in a Digital Age

With the increasing dominance of digital marketing, questions arise about whether or not it’s time to retire traditional printed marketing materials. Are brochures irrelevant in a time of social media, websites, AdWords and email marketing?

Despite the rapidly advancing marketing technology and techniques, printed material is still surprisingly important to branding, marketing and customer service. Having neatly arrayed physical materials in brochure display holders is an irreplaceable way to connect with visitors.

Create an Experience

Engage with existing customers to create a memorable experience. Customers that are already visiting your office or store can learn valuable information about promotions and events.

While a digital marketing strategy is vital, having both printed and online content will engage with customers on multiple levels. Interacting with a business via web content, blogs, social media, email and well-designed brochures creates a complete experience for customers.

Ready Access

Someone doesn’t have to have Wi-Fi access or cell phone service to find your business’s location or contact information. If they have a physical brochure in their bag, they can always contact you and get useful information.

Brochures are also easy to distribute. Unlike with email lists, you don’t have to sign customers up or get their contact info. It takes mere seconds for visitors to grab a brochure on their way out the door.

Reinforce Branding

Visitors can also see your branding and logo on physical materials as well as in emails, ads and online. A multi-faceted approach reinforces your brand and message in their minds, as they have seen it on numerous platforms.

Getting your logo, fonts, design and colours out there in as many ways as possible can never be a bad thing or a wasted effort. Brand recognition is one of the main goals of marketing campaigns, and people remember best when they experience something via varying mediums.

Look Prepared and Professional

Inevitably, customers will ask if you have a brochure or business card for more information. Having modern, clean brochure display holders ready to point to will give your business a professional image and leave a positive impression on customers.

If you don’t have printed literature on hand, your business won’t seem as legitimate or professional.

Spur Action

When a hungry person sees a physical menu stuck to the fridge by a magnet, they are likely to order something from that restaurant. Physical literature taps into an extremely valuable market – impulse buyers. A brochure in the right place at the right time, when someone is experiencing a need or desire, can prompt an impulse purchase.

Good brochures are designed with a call to action and prominent contact details. The proximity and appealing nature of an attractive brochure are sometimes all it takes to get a new customer or spur repeat business.

So don’t miss out on a valuable opportunity to create an experience, promote branding, increase legitimacy and reach new customers. For more information about purchasing stock brochure display holders or ordering a custom POP display, contact us at Advertising Industries. We are happy to help with all your branding and display needs.

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